Pundit: I am not convinced by these two Man United signings

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Jose Mourinho’s men have made another bright start to the beginning of the premier league season just as they did last season as they have now grabbed three wins out of three games before going on international break and even though the campaign just kicked off, it is evident that Manchester United is one of the team to look out for this season.

Despite having a good start to the new season, it hasn’t still stopped the British press from taking one or two shots at the Manchester United team and this time around, football pundit Paul Merson has clearly stated that he isn’t pleased yet with two of Jose Mourinho’s signings according to reports in Sky Sports.

Paul Merson went on to state that he has been impressed so far with the contributions of Nemanja Matic and Romelu Lukaku but has added that he isn’t pleased with former Benfica defender Victor Lindelof and latest Manchester United acquisition Zlatan Ibrahimovich.

Paul Merson disclosed that Lindelof so far hasn’t been at his best and he also disclosed that Manchester United need a lot of pace and power in attack and Zlatan Ibrahimovich doesn’t fit the bill despite the Swedish man scoring twenty goals for the red devils last season.



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  • The English is that bad in this article that I thought, originally, maybe Paul Merson had written it! Then I realised he was too busy commenting on one of the most successful managers ever and two of his signings.

    Fortunately, Merson has plenty of credentials for making these comments because, as everybody knows, he was a very successful manager himself at Walsall.

    He was also a very successful gambler to the extent that he never needs to work again. Oh sorry, he “works” for Sky. So he does need to work, so maybe he wsn’t a very successful gambler after all!

    Anyway, I am quite happy for him to moan on about United as it will be very interesting to see his reaction when they win the league title.

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